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Welcome to www.yesmaa.com. These are the terms and conditions overseeing your utilization of the Site ("thus after alluded to as Acceptable Use Policy "AUP"). By getting to YesMaa either through the site or some other electronic gadget, you recognize, acknowledge and consent to the accompanying terms of the AUP, which are intended to ensure that YesMaa works for everybody. This AUP is compelling from the time you sign in to YesMaa. By tolerating this AUP, you are additionally tolerating and consenting to be bound by the Privacy Policy and the Listing Policy.

1. You concur and comprehend that www.yesmaa.com is a web empowered electronic stage that encourages correspondence for the reasons for promoting and disseminating data relating to merchandise and additionally benefits. You further concur and comprehend that we don't embrace, showcase or advance any of the postings, postings or data, nor do we anytime come into ownership of or participate in the appropriation of any of the merchandise and additionally benefits, you have posted, recorded or gave data about on our site. While associating with different clients on our site, as for any posting, posting or data we unequivocally urge you to practice sensible ingenuity as you would in conventional disconnected channels and practice judgment and presence of mind before focusing on or complete planned deal, buy of any products or administrations or trade of data. We prescribe that you read our Safety tips before doing any action on our site.

" Your Information" is characterized as any data you give to us or different clients of the Site during the enlistment, posting, posting or answering procedure of classifieds, in the criticism territory (assuming any), through the discourse discussions or over the span of utilizing some other component of the Services. You concur that you are the legal proprietor having all rights, title and enthusiasm for your data, and further concur that you are exclusively dependable and responsible for Your Information and that we go about as an insignificant stage for your online dispersion and production of Your Information.

You concur that your posting, posting and/or Information:

2. will "not be false, distort, misdirect or relate to the closeout of any unlawful, fake, stolen products and/or administrations

3. will not relate to great , administrations of which you are not the legitimate proprietor or you don't have the specialist or agree to 'list' which don't have a place with you or you don't have the expert for.

4. will not encroach any protected innovation, competitive advantage, or other exclusive right or privileges of exposure or security of any outsider.

5. will not comprise of material that is an outflow of dogmatism, prejudice or disdain dependent on age, sexual orientation, race, religion, station, class, way of life inclination, and nationality and/or is in the idea of being deprecatory, libelous to any outsider.

6. will not be profane, contain sex entertainment or contain "disgusting portrayal of ladies" inside the importance of the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986.

7. will not appropriate or contain spam, numerous/junk letters, or fraudulent business models in any of its structures.

8. will not disperse infections or whatever other innovations that may hurt YesMaa or the interests or property of YesMaa clients or force an irrational burden on the framework or meddle with the correct working of YesMaa.

9. will not, straightforwardly or in a roundabout way, offer, endeavor to offer, exchange or endeavor to exchange any merchandise and ventures, the managing of which is denied or limited in any way under the arrangements of any appropriate law, principle, guideline or rule until further notice in power.

10. will not be put in an off-base class or in an inaccurate territory of the site.

11. will not be put in some other YesMaa site with the exception of on the site that identifies with the city wherein you are found.

12. will not rundown or post or relate to data that is either denied or confined under the laws of the Republic of India and such posting, posting or data will not abuse YesMaa's Listing Policy.

13. You agree to get correspondences by email, call or by such other method of correspondence, electronic or generally identified with the administrations gave through the site.

You agree to inform us if you come across any listing or posting that is offensive or violates our listing policy or infringes any intellectual property rights by clicking on the following link to enable us to keep the site working efficiently and in a safe manner. We reserve the right to take down any posting, listing or information and or limit or terminate our services and further take all reasonable technical and legal steps to prevent the misuse of the Site in keeping with the letter and spirit of this AUP and the listing policy. In the event you encounter any problems with the use of our site or services you are requested to report the problem by clicking on this link

3. You agree to hold www.yesmaa.com or any of its officials, representatives, specialists capable or responsible for any of your posting, postings or data and nor will we, our officials, workers or operators be subject for any misuse, illegal activity or outsider substance as most postings, postings or data are produced by different merchants straightforwardly and we don't have any position in the creation, production or conveyance of the posting, posting or data, nor are we in a situation to have article command over the substance or Content contained in the postings, listing, or data, spare and but to the degree gave in sec 2 above.

You understand and agree that we don't ensure the accuracy or authenticity of any posting, posting, data by different clients. You further agree that we are not at risk for any loss of money, goodwill, or reputation, or any extraordinary, indirect, or weighty harms emerging out of your utilization of the site or because of any deal, buy of products and ventures with different clients of the site. We likewise can't ensure consistent or secure access to our Services. As needs be, to the degree legitimately allowed we reject all suggested guarantees, of merchantability, wellness or nature of the Site and our administrations.

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Delhi, YesMaa has left a memorable footprint in over Delhi NCR. And we continue to work towards building the future of trading and e-commerce.

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